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Thursday, March 3, 2011

"The question of Identity in the Women's Movement"


Assistant Professor and H o D

Department of Political Science

Government College Madappally






Establishing a sense of identity is a central task in social movements. This proposal pursues questions about how self-identified feminist women conceptualize their identity, the role of identity in that conceptualization, and the interaction of identity in the movement mobilisation within the larger society. This proposal also explores the identity and empowerment factors in the non-party political and cultural conditions under which groups of women organize to create and sustain movements to fight for their rights and their self-worth.In the analysis of women’s movement the concept of women interest is of supreme important. An analysis is made on the assumption that women as a social class do have some common interest which the state ,revolutionaries,activist or what ever form of collective actors when fail to represent,women are likely to turn against the system.So the significant question raised has been that gender interest are the equivalent of women’s interests.Women’s identity as a social category is the principal determinant of their collective identity and that women’s subjectitvity , real or potential is structured unequally through gender effects.

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