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Monday, December 15, 2014

Two Day National Seminar on Identity Politics: Power and protest from the margins, 17-18\12\2014

Two-Day National Seminar

Identity Politics: Power and Protest from the Margins
17-18 December 2014
Sponsored by UGC
Organised by Department of Political Science
Government Brennen College,
Re-accredited by NAAC with “A” Grade
Affiliated to Kannur University Kerala, India.

Hindi Seminar Hall
Day 17 December 2014
8.30. a .m
9. a. m
Session I- Pre-inaugural session
Chair: Dr. Hebbar Illath, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Hindi, GBC

1. Luluva PT, Dept. of Political Science, Govt. College Madappally
Identity of identity politics: An ecological approach
2. Shalu Runthala, Politics and International Studies, Pondicherry University
Attitude of Indian society towards woman: Pre & post rape scenario
3.  Renoj N K, CPS, JNU, New Delhi
Movement and Protest of Marginalized Identity in India: Case of Disables

Discussion: 10.15-10.30 a.m.
Vote of Thanks: Sinju N Kumar

Inaugural Session II.  10.30 a.m. – 11.15 a.m
Welcome                             : Biju P R, Assistant Professor in Political Science, GBC.
Presidential Address      : Dr. N Leena, Principal, GBC.  
Inaugural Address           : D. G Gopakumar
Vice Chancellor, Central University of Kerala
Felicitations                        :Dr. N Haridas, Associate Professor and HoD, GBC.
                                                :Prashobith. K. P. (PTA) GBC
:Representative, College Union, GBC
Vote of Thanks                 : Vinaya Lal, Assistant Professor in Journalism, GBC

Tea break- 11.15-11.20 a. m  

Session III. 11.20 am to 12.45p.m.
Chair: Dr. Efthikar Ahamed B, Writer, and Assistant Professor in English, KMMGWC, Kannur

1. Sister Jesme, Author, Timeline Activist and
Retired Professor
A talk on Facebook page “Njanum Oru Sthree”. (I too am a woman)
3. Chayanika Saxena, Research and Teaching Fellow, Ashoka University
Oppression Subverted through Identities Reversed: Challenging the Hierarchized Gender and Caste identities in the Hindu Society through Re-telling of Mythological Folklore
3. Sanil T Sunny, Research Scholar, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady
Widening the Horizon: On the Access of Dalit Women to Education

Discussion 12.45. am – 1.  p. m
Vote of Thanks: Nijesh M V

Lunch Break.1. p. m to 1.45. p. m

Session IV. 1.45. p. m

Chair: Prof. K. Balan, Principal, Govt. College Madappally

1. Civic Chandran, Writer, Activist and Speaker
Inquilab to chumbilab: who's afraid of veg politics
2. Adarsh V K, Timeline Activist, Speaker and Writer  
From print reading to e-reading
3. Suparna Bannerjee, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore
Protest against exploitation: A Naxalites perspective

Vote of Thanks: Ayish Shifa

Day 18 December 2014

Session V. 9.30-10.30

Chair. Dr. M. Ramakrishnan, Speaker, Writer and Associate Professor, (Rtd)

1. N P Chekkutty, Author and Journalist
Identity and social assertion: How different voices converge

Discussion 10.30-10.45 a. m
Vote of Thanks: Kiran Raj

Session VI. 10.45 - 12.45. p. m
Chair: Falgunan Kunnapadi, HoD, Dept. of Economics, GBC

1. M. Mayilvaganan, PhD, National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS)Bangalore
The politics of identities in divided societies: the case of Sri Lanka
2. Shibu M P, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, VTM NSS College,
Identity Securitisation and the Exclusion of Marginalised in Neo-liberal India
3. Gayathri Baiju, Dept. of Journalism, St. Joseph's College, Devagiri, Calicut
The rice bucket challenge – purpose, politics and effect
4. Sreenish Thaiavalppil, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Politics Science, S N College, Chempazhanthy, Thiruvananthapuram
Identity Politics and Social Media: Reclaiming identity in the context of Social Media

Discussion 12.45 – 1 p. m
Vote of Thanks: Jershina Sherin

Lunch Break.1. p. m to 1.45. p. m.

Session VII. 1.45.p.m- 3.15

Chair. Dr. Sabu Thomas, Assistant Professor in Political Science, Govt. College Madapally

1. Prof. H.C. Lohithaswa, Principal, Sri D Devaraja Urs. Govt. First Grade College, Hunsur, Karnataka
New Social Movements in Karnataka
2. Anil Kumar C V, Anilkumar. C.V, Research Scholar, Political Science, University of Kerala
A distraction from the mainstream: Mapping the life scenario of “Theyyam” performers in north Malabar
3. Rose Mary, Assistant Professor of Political Science, School of Distance Education, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram
The Politics of Environmental Movements in Kerala: An Appraisal
4. Gayathri O, Teacher Fellow, University of Kerala
Analyzing women’s movement in Kerala
Discussion. 3.15 – 3.30 p. m
Vote of Thanks: Ashmitha G P

Valedictory Session 3. 30 -

Thursday, October 2, 2014

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Clicking alone: Myth of social media politics (Under Copy Editing in the Press) The book is  dispelling social media myth in India!

Political Internet: Decoding mechanics of change in social media age (Under Peer Review) The book is about social change in India through social media! 

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“Politics of Clicktivism” (Ed)
Proceedings of the Three Day National Seminar on Politics and Social Media: Commons in the Space Online, October 12-14, 2011,Sponsored by UGC.

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The social politics 2014
South Asia Politics, R.N.I. No.: DELENG/2002/6815, Vol. 12, No.13, September 2014, pp.38-40

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Book Chapters
Collective Action in Internet: A glimpse of Greenpeace’ Online Activism in India.
Proceedings of the UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Beyongd Margins and New Social Movements ,organized by Department of History ,Sir Syed College,Taliparamba on 16 March 2011.


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