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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

E-governance initiatives in India

E-governance in Andhra Pradesh
This section of the website of Andhra Pradesh showcases the various E-Governance initiatives and applications being implemented in the state. For details log onto: http://www.ap-it.com/egovernance.html

E-Governance in Ministries/Departments and State Governments
The website of the Ministry of Information Technology (MIT), Govt. of India lists briefly the E-Governance Initiatives undertaken by the various Ministries/Departments and States Governments. For details log onto: http://www.mit.gov.in/eg/ms.asp


Gyandoot is an intranet in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh, connecting rural cybercafes catering to the everyday needs of the masses. The web site is an extension of Gyandoot intranet, for giving global access. The site has these services to offer: Commodity/ mandi Marketing Information System; Copies of khasra, B1/khatauni and maps; On-line registration of applications; Income Certificate; Domicile Certificate (mool niwasi); Caste Certificate; Landholder's passbook of land rights and loans (Bhoo adhikar evam rin pustika).
For details log onto: http://www.gyandoot.net


The primary objective of the recently launched Wired Village project is to demonstrate the effective use of IT infrastructure in the accelerated socio-economic development of 70 villages around Warana Nagar in the Kolhapur and Sangli districts of the state of Maharashtra. The existing cooperative structure has been used in concert with high speed VSATs to allow Internet access to existing cooperative societies. The project aims to provide agricultural, medical, and education information to villagers by establishing networked ‘facilitation booths' in the villages.
For details log onto:http://www.warna.com

E-Governance in Noida city

Compaq India has joined hands with Electronics Research and Development Centre of India (ERDCI), Noida, to set up a competence centre that would enable e-governance in Noida city and various other states. Residents will be able to pay electricity and phone bills, file I-T returns, register marriages and deaths, among other things at information kiosks located in the city. Once the project becomes fully operational citizens can pay utilities, get grievance redressal and a variety of other essential jobs through these info kiosks.
For details log onto: http://www.timesofindia.com/120500/12info19.htm

"RajNidhi": Information kiosks

"RajNidhi" is a web enabled information kiosk system developed jointly by Rajasthan state's Department of Information Technology and Rajasthan State Agency for Computer Services (RajComp). Earlier on March 23, 2000, Nayla became the first village of Rajasthan to have a "Raj Nidhi Information Kiosk" when the US President, Mr. Bill Clinton visited this village to observe the functioning of a Gram Panchayat.
For details log onto: http://www.rajgovt.org/news/RajNidhiTrg.htm

"raj-SWIFT": Rajasthan government's Intranet

The Rajasthan State’s Department of Information Technology (DoIT) has developed Government’s own Intranet called as "raj-SWIFT". SWIFT here stands for Statewide Intranet on Fast Track. This system which has been built using Internet technology and tools, would facilitate online data, text and e-mail communication between the office of the Chief Minister and all the 32 District Collectors on one-to-one basis, thus bringing the Chief Executive of the State and the district administration close enough to be just a mouse click away.
For details log onto: http://www.rajgovt.org/news/nraj.htm

Mechanism of Single Window Clearance System

To overcome the inordinately long time required to obtain the statutory approvals/licences etc. from various government departments/agencies, the Bureau of Industrial Promotion & Office of the Commissioner (Investment & NRIs), Government of Rajasthan, has introduced a Single Window Clearance System through a Single Composite Application Form.
For details log on to: http://www.rajgovt.org/news/singwindow.htm

E-Governance in Panchayats in Kerala

The website of the department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions features an article on the e-governance initiatives adopted by the panchayats in Kerala.
For details log on to: http://persmin.nic.in/arpg/egov.htm#6

E-Governance in Himanchal Pradesh

Himanchal Pradesh to focus on IT-enabled services & e-governance, which would include medical transcription, call centres, data processing, back office operations and GIS.
For details log on to: http://www.economictimes.com/050600/05econ03.htm

Package for Effective Administration of Registration Laws Project in Kerala

THE Government of Kerala has launched a project titled PEARL (Package for Effective Administration of Registration Laws) for computerisation of the Registration Department in the State.
For details log on to: http://www.hindubusinessline.com/2000/08/12/stories/141260r1.htm

E-Governance Centre at Haryana Secretariat

The Haryana Government has set up an e-governance centre at the Secretariat to effectively monitor information technology in the state.
For details log on to: http://www.expressindia.com/newsline/daily/20000823/ige23209.htm

Research Centres

Centre for Electronic Governance, Ministry of Information and Technology, Govt. of India

The MIT website features the Centre for e-governance set up by the Ministry of Information and Technology (MIT), Govt. of India. Apart from offering e-governance solutions and services, the Centre showcases applications by various IT majors like C-DAC, CMC, IQ Virtuals, Microsoft, NIC and Oracle. This list will expand soon. The Centre aims to offer services such as technical consultation, proof of concept and thematic presentations, apart from creating awareness amongst decision makers at the Central and State level and helping them in defining and implementing process and policy changes for effective e-Governance.
For details log on to: http://www.mit.gov.in/eg/locentre.htm

Centre for Electronic Communities

The IBM Centre for Electronic Communities, Institute for Electronic Government, is a leadership resource in strategy, policy and development of online resources in Government, education and healthcare.
For details log on to: http://www.ieg.ibm.com/

Commonwealth Secretariat's Centre for Electronic Governance

As part of its activities on Public Services Management, as mandated by the Commonwealth Programme "Towards a New Public Administration", the Management and Training Services Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat has announced the launch of a special focus centre under the name of The Centre for Electronic Governance. Currently the Centre is a virtual organisational entity. The status of the Centre's physical manifestation is the subject of discussions and consultations with a number of organisations and institutions. However, the Centre's virtual presence is to be located the following URLs, for which the website is currently under construction:

http://www.electronic-gov.org; and http://www.elerctronic-gov.net
For further details log on to: http://www.mailbase.ac.uk/lists/am-political-marketing/2000-03/0005.html

Websites of Indian central and state governments

National Informatics Centre

This is the site if a premier IT organization in India which provides state-of-the-art, solutions for the IT needs of the Government at all levels The NIC home page gives access to a comprehensive Directory(http://goidirectory.nic.in/) providing links to web sites of Government of India Ministries, Departments, States, Organizations, Union Territories.
For further details log on to: http://www.nic.in/

Government of Delhi

The official website of the Delhi government provides a 'single window' for all the citizen’s information needs and queries regarding the various public services of the Delhi Government, ranging from obtaining a driving license to getting a marriage registration certificate made. The site provides all relevant application forms for downloading and printing.
For further details log on to: http://delhigovt.nic.in/

Tiruvarur district Administration

This site is intended to assist Government departments and I.T users in various Government departments in TamilNadu and the rest of the country through online software and hardware consultancy service, free software downloads, sharing of experience in I.T development with reference to various fields in Government etc.
For further details log on to: http://www.tiruvaruronline.com/

The site has been designed for maximum use for District Collectors for computerizing various Government activities at district level such as Taluka (administrative unit) office automation, including land record computerization, Block office automation, DRDA automation, fair price shop computerization without use of computers or any other equipment at the fair price shop level and so on.

Parliament of India

Website of the Indian Parliament carries information on the proceedings of both the houses of the parliament, the Constitution of India, various budgets, resume of work, parliamentary debates, secretariats, committees and members of the houses, and links to other central and state government websites.
For further details log on to: http://alfa.nic.in/

Government of Kerala web portal

This site provides access to government services by providing online application forms for services from various departments like the electricity board, revenue department, corporations, public distribution system. Besides facilitating online application for grievance redressal, the site carries information of government machinery, contact details of elected representatives and a discussion forum. It also provides links to various govt., NGOs and educational institutions.
For further details log on to: http://www.keralagov.com/

Rajasthan Government

A section of the official website of the Government of Rajasthan, devoted to IT and Electronic Governance issues. For further details log on to: http://www.rajgovt.org/SovArticles.htm

Andhra Pradesh Government

Official website of the Andhra Pradesh Government, which describes the state's IT initiatives towards Electronic Governance. For further details log on to: http://www.andhrapradesh.com/

Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances

This is a section of the website of the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances under the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions of the Indian Government. It has well categorized links to E-Governance initiatives from around the world and a review of the Indian experience with E-Governance. For further details log on to: http://persmin.nic.in/arpg/egov1.htm

E-Governance initiatives of Government of West Bengal

Official site of the West Bengal Govt. features the e-governance initiatives to be undertaken by the state govt. Initially for better citizen interface the following will be emphasized for computerization, viz., vehicle registration, land records, birth and death registrations, employment exchanges, payment of excise duty, sales tax and local tax, electronic bill payment of water and electricity, computerization of health records, relevant education through internet, work of Police and Police Stations, Criminal Justice etc. For further details log on to: http://www.westbengal.gov.in/it_policy_egovernance.htm

E-Governance in State of Madhya Pradesh

Features IT state policies and initiatives in government by the Madhya Pradesh govt. For further details log on to: http://www.mpgovt.nic.in/it/

E-Governance Initiatives of the Government of Maharashtra

The site features IT initiatives proposed by the Maharashtra government. These include Computerization of Government departments with very high public contact (e.g. sales tax, revenue, health, education, irrigation, PWD, etc.), Computerization of Government departments with very high public contact (e.g. sales tax, revenue, health, education, irrigation, PWD, etc.) For further details log on to: http://www.maharashtra.gov.in/english/itpoly/itpoly3.htm

Lecture notes prerpared by Biju P R ,assistant professor in Political Science,Govt Brennen College,Tlly

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