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I am author of the books Political Internet(Routledge, 2017), Intimate Speakers ( Fingerprint! 2017), has finished the typescript of three books—first, on Internet and sexuality; second, on the negative impacts of social media; and third, a novel—and is presently working on a narrative non-fiction with the working title Lovescape: Why India is afraid of love.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Role of computer in social science research.

Computers have different use in social research. From literature review to the punishing stage of research,  computer is an important element.

Computers opened up new opportunities regarding how data can be processed to yield valuable information and knowledge. 

Nearly all academic journals are available online, and many are organized into online databases. Government agencies often have demographic or economic information online you can use in your research. 

Computers store vast amounts of information. 

Computers began as powerful calculators, and that service is important to research today. 

Regardless of the amount of data you have, you can do more with it with a computer's help. 

Statistical programs, modeling programs and spatial mapping tools are all possible because of computers. 

Building knowledge through research requires communication between experts to identify new areas requiring research and debating results. 

Before computers, this was accomplished through papers and workshops. 

Now, the world's experts can communicate via email or web chats. 

Researchers can take computers anywhere, making it easier to conduct field research and collect data. 

New areas of research in remote areas or at a community level are opened up by the mobility of computers. 

Social media sites have become a new medium for interaction and information.

Computers are important for publishing and publicizing research work