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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Activity Report Department of Political Science Governement Brennen College



-Donated a sum of 111 to Santhwanan Charitable Society on 28-07-2010

-Donated a sum of Rs. 2600 tp samraton (destitute house) on 20th September

-Extended logistic support to Santhwanam Charitable Society for organizing a cancer detecting camp on 14-08-2010

Brennen Human rights Club


Exhibition entitled VOXPOPULI on human rights violations on 12-08-2010

Organized a talk on Women:A critical appreciation by Arun Kumar,Teacher fellow,Kerala University on 13-08-2010

Human Rights Day celebration and Human Rights Awareness March organized on 10-12-2010,the march started from College campus and reached Palayad GHSS.The March was inaugurated by the principal , GBC .

Human Rights Awareness classes organized on18-12-2010 Valayam GHSS and on 04-01-2011 at Palayad GHSS.

BHRC Endosulfan Victim Fund Raising . A sum of 10000/- has been organized by the BHRC from the public ,inaugurated by T P Indira ,former Principal GBC on 12-01-2011 and fund transfer on 22-03-2011 by our team....BHRC.

Media Forum


Seminar on Online Journalism 22-10-2010

Publication of College Times a monthly printed News Paper on 27-09-2010.

Publishes a Wall Board for the Media Forum.

Papers Invited for the UGC sponsored Three Day National Seminar on “Politics and Social Media : Commons in the Space Online” Govt Brennen College

With greetings

Department Political Science Government Brennen College is planning to organise a three day seminar programme on “Politics and Social Media : Commons in the Space Online”. The UGC has sanctioned fund for the programme .The seminar is likely to be organized by September 2011.


We plan to invite renowned scholars from Central Universties, IIT’s, IIM’s, Deemed Universities, Professional Institutions, Government representatives and bureaucracy, media,social activist groups and other professionals. The academicians in Kerala and all over India can participate in the programme.


The seminar will be of immense help for professionals as well as people interested in the area of online politics.The topic is recently originated and found to be of recent in academic pursuit.The seminar will be useful for policy makers to redefine priorities.It makes a question that whether we have to depend the “Net” unnecessarily?Activist groups will get enough resource for their future action and priorities from the seminar.More over the seminar will be highly useful for students and teachers to improve their knowledge domain.


Govt. Brennen College, which is one of the premier institutions of higher education in Kerala, developed out of the free school established in 1862 by Edward Brennen, a master Attendant of Tellicherry Port. It was elevated to the status of a II Grade College with F.A. Classes in 1890. The institution became a I Grade College in 1947, and it was shifted to the new building at Darmadam in 1958. Govt. Brennen College celebrated century in 1990. The then Vice President of India, His Excellency Dr. Shangar Dayal Sharma inaugurated the centenary celebrations. Govt. Brennen college is recognized as a center of Excellence by the Government of Kerala. The University Grants Commission had include the college in 12B and 2F Category. In 2004 September, this institution with its entire legacy and quality drive was accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council with B++ grade and in 2010 September it was reaccredited with A grade.The college is situated on the NH 17,5 KM away from Thalassery Railway Station, 60 KM away from Calicut Airport,167 KM away from Mangalore Airport.

However the area is facing the problem of presence and accessibility of renowned scholars. The esteemed presence of scholars like you will be a boon .The teachers and students will get a fresh insight to their knowledge and an inspiration for scholarship if you kindly participate in the seminar programme and make your contribution.


The connection between internet and collective action constituted very serious academic pursuit in recent times. The serious question is whether internet facilitates public action online. The pro-democracy movement in Middle East and in Egypt, the diplomatic tussle created by Wikileaks cables, the use of internet platforms in General elections recently in India and the representation of Nira Radia tapes in internet platforms has recently created a renewed interest in the power of internet to influence public action in India.

With the rise of social media platforms such as discussion and chats among citizens through blogs, chatrooms, e-maling lists, Citizen access to MPs and public authorities through web, e-mail, blogs, Online ‘participatory’ journalism through web, email, sms, mms, blogs, Connections and weak tie networks through network sites like Facebook, Myspace etc, User-generated content in broadcasting User-generated content in broadcasting through TV, Radio, web, sms, blogs , Social Movement activity through web,blogs,email,wikis political communication needs to be redefined in an unprecedented manner. With Facebook , Twitter ,blogs and other platforms , the traditional relationship between political authority and popular will has been transformed. It has become easier for the people of poles apart to collaborate, coordinate, and give voice to their concerns. For a democratic country like India, virtual vigilantism offers new mechanisms of expression, representation and mobilizing of interests and political opinion. The upshot of this novel form of vigilantism is that diverse social and political groups are finding their voices outside the realm of conventional politics. In other words, political parties are no longer monopolizing the public opinion domain. Civil society and voluntary groups are injecting fresh ideas into politics and mobilizing social interests and changing public perceptions. Having bypassed conventional politics, these groups are engaging directly with the public.infact internet generates a non-party political domain power enough to influence the political domain.It needs to be addressed theoretically .


The seminar is scheduled under the broad frame work of connection between internet and social movements campaign by social media platforms.

1.Internet and democracy

2.Public sphere online

3.Online social movements

4.Protest politics online

5.Civil society online

6.Social capital online

7.Digital divide

8.Social media


Biju P R,

Assistant Professor,

Department of Political Science ,

Government Brennen College,


Kannur ,Kerala.



Those willing to make presentations please contact mobile no:9847477116 or through bijugayu@gmail.com

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