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Friday, January 10, 2014

Vote of thanks- Changing dimensions of party politics in India 10-01-2014 (Biju P R)

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, as we come to the close of National Seminar on changing dimensions of party politics in India, it is my pleasure to deliver the vote of thanks to all who have helped make this event such a success

It is a great honour to have this opportunity to thank all of you on behalf of the department of political science at the end of this programme.

Firstly, to Prof. Dr. G Gopakumar, for the kind acceptance to grace the occasion as the Chief Guest and to deliver the inaugural address. Your gracious presence sir in today’s function is a source of great encouragement to all of us. I express my sincere gratitude to you Sir.

Secondly, to Dr. Shaji Varkey for accepting our invitation and enrich the seminar by his presence. Thank you for your very interesting and thought provoking keynote address.

Thanks are due to N Subramanian and Civic Chandran for their original and field experiences and inspirational contributions in the panel talk.

My thanks go to delegates and paper presenters Biveesh U C, Ved Prakash, Steffy, Aleena, Anandakumar and in particular M A lal, We call him “laletta” with love because he always boast of his name as if “Lal” in inverted comma. This day would have been meaningless without the presence of successful paper presenters. You have toiled hard and richly deserve the certificates you have received. On behalf of the Dept of Political science, I congratulate each one of you and wish well in all future endeavours.

Participants, you are the real motivation for this conference. Your presence in the venue encourages the Department to go ahead with its mission of furthering and popularizing Political Science discipline in the North Malabar area in Kerala. I convey thanks to all participants, who have come from distant places to attend the seminar. Especially Satheesh, Sunilkumar,

Students, your involvement in the seminar have been a highlight. Enthusiasms you have showed in various sessions make this seminar a success.

My colleagues Sini P K, and Vinaya have been a real source of strength in making this conference a success and in particular big hug to Pramesh A, who had a jealous involvement in the accommodation and stage committees.

It would be an injustice if I fail to mention the contributions of students who have been invisible actors in making the logistical support to the seminar. A big hug to Swarup, who have active and spirited involvement in making Brochure, Files, Flex, Certificates, arranging accommodation, etc. I also extend heartfelt thanks to all other students who have actively participated in various committees. Especially girl students who have been present here yesterday late at 5.30 p m to arrange stage and class rooms. The Department is so proud of you and we teachers are fortunate in getting spirited students like you.

Once more, I would like to thank all of you. Until the next meeting, we shall say “Au Revoir” and “God Bless”.       

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