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Monday, October 28, 2013

One Day National Seminar on Changing Dimensions of Party Politics in India on 10 January 2014(Dept. of Pol. Science, Govt. Brennen College, Thalassery, India)

Changing Dimensions of Party Politics in India
One-Day National Seminar on 10 January 2014


Reaccredited by NAAC with “A” Grade
Affiliated to Kannur Univesity,Kerala,India.

              Hindi seminar Hall

Seminar Concept Note

Over the six decades, the nature of our electoral democracy seems apparently changed. One major change reflected over the years was the party system. Beginning from a Congress dominated ‘One Party Dominant’ system, now it has extended on to an unwieldy multiparty system. In between, party politics in India has seen many ebb and flow.

Now party politics characterises many players. It composes a wide stream of groups such as umbrella system like Indian National Congress to single-issue system like Aam Aadmi Party. In between, the party politics inhabits political parties in which one person pulls all the strings, parties having pre-election agreement with smaller parties on joint candidates, Cadre parties, regional parties, identity parties, and so on.

Dominated by issues such as inner party democracy, gender, professionalism, funds, ideologies, values, leadership quality, campaigning methods, regionalization, caste; now the spectre of party politics in India over the fifteen general elections dissected call for vital scrutiny. On this backdrop, the One-Day National Seminar on Changing Dimensions of party Politics in India seeks to uncover the trends and tendencies found in our party politics and the electoral scenario.
The whole issues briefly pinpointed here cover up in the sub themes pertaining to (1) Political Parties and Elections; (2) New Media and Political Communication; (3) Party System in India; (4) State, Political Party and Market.

How to send abstract

The scholars planning to present papers have to send an abstract of 300 words, Times New Roman, 12 font size, single line space, with key words. The last date for submission of abstract is 15 November 2013.

Abstract should be sent to bijugayu@gmail.com. Acceptance of paper will be communicated on 20 November 2013.

How to send full paper

The scholars, whose abstract got approval letter has to send the full paper to bijugayu@gmail.com on or before 20 December 2013.

Style sheet

Times New Roman, Font size 12, Single Line Space (with Alignment Justify) and Author Date System, 8000 Words. End Notes with 11 Font Size at the end of the paper (Alignment Text Left), Reference with 12 Font Size (Alignment Text Left).


Quality papers will be considered for publication with ISBN Number.



Biju P R,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Political Science,
Government Brennen College, Thalassery,
Kannur, Kerala. 670 106,
Mobile: 9847477116,

How to Reach the College

The college is situated on the NH 17; 5 KM away from Thalassery Railway Station; roughly 60 KM away from Calicut Airport and 167 KM away from Mangalore Airport.


  1. Dear Sir, I wish to present a paper in absentia, as i would not be able to attend as we have contact programmes for my ph.d, i am a research scholar. Kindly let me know as to the fee, in whose favour DD has to be drawn and whether i can send the paper. awaiting for your reply. N. Jayalakshmi, 9743698242, e-mail: jaya_raja74@yahoo.co.in

  2. dear N. Jayalakshmi, thanking you for writing in. There is no fee for the seminar. If your paper is good quality, certainly it would appear in the seminar schedule. For that you may send an abstract and on that we will take a further action. if approved you may send a full paper as prescribed in the style sheet in our blog post. Normally we wont entertain presentation in absence. Regretfully, we cannot entertain such presentation.

    However, we are organizing a two day seminar or identity politics. I will send you invitation. So send us an abstract, surely we would consider then.
    all the best

    Biju P R