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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Open Course:Media and Politics (6D04 POL) Model Questions

VI Semester Undergraduate Degree Examination 2012
Political Science
Open Course:Media and Politics (6D04 POL)
Model Questions
Government Brennen College
Time 2 hrs                                                                                                                                          
Objective type.This part consist of two bunches of question carrying equal weightage of One .Each bunch consist of Four objective questions.Answer all

I         1) A positive view of the political role of the media sees it as...
a) a way of keeping people harmlessly amused when times are hard. b) a way of promoting constructive 'role models' for young people c) much more trustworthy than politicians d) at its best, a potential check on executive power.
2) Which of the following DOES NOT limit the freedom of expression of a newspaper?
a) Advertisers, b) Legislation, c) 'Spin doctors', d) PTI,
3)Which institution in India recently decided to use social media sites to encourage votesto participate in electoral process (a) UPSC   b)Election Commission  c)Planning Commission d)Editors Guild
4) In which of the following country media debate is crucial for the Presidential election (a) France b) USA c) India d) Mexico
Weightage 1
II                     5)Who among the following said four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets? a)Nepoleon, b)Gandhi,c)Winston churchil,d)Tostoy
6)Pick the odd one out ?a)CNN-IBN, b)NDTV24X7, c)Times Now,d)Star News
7)The ……..Media company has launched India first e-paper.a)Sunrise,b)Wikileaks,c)Manorama,d)Goderej
8)identify the wrong statement ?
a)Facebook is a social networking platform
b)Twitter is a micro blogging site
c)Blogger is a video sharing platform
d)Linkedin is a professional networking platform
Weightage 1

Answer any Six questions in one or two sentences.Each carries

8.Global Media
9.Manufacturing Consent
10.Media freedom under Constitution
11.Social Media
12.”Hot” and “Cool” media
13.Mass Media
15.Media in Election Scenario
16.Spin Doctors
17.New Media
Weightage 1X6

Short essay(answer may not exceed 100 words) Answer any Four

19.Who are the political communicators in a given society ?
20.Discuss social media ? Do you think it is likely to surpass traditional media ?
21.Illustrate the context of political communication ?
22.Critically evaluate soft news ?
23.What is manufacturing consent and who propounded it on what context  ?
24.Examine the media regulatory frame work in India ?
25.How do you evaluate media ownership debate ?
26.Evaluate the role of media in authoritarian political system ?
Weightage 2X4

Essay(answer may not exceed 400 words) Answer only One.

27.Discuss different theories of political impacts of media  ?
28.Evaluate media ethics ?Is it advisable to let media for self censorship ? Writ down twoinstances where media credibility has been questioned in contemporary India ?
29.Illustrtae direct and indirect form of political communication?Do you think direct form of      political communication is mediated and destabilizes democracy ?
Weightage 4X1
       Total weightage 20                                                                                              

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