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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Borderless world

Borderless world means everything-everywhere-everybody. Globalization of the world's cultures, economies, languages, ideas, and heritages caused by the advent of the Internet has created a borderless world. Analysts of the transnational enterprise (both critics and defenders) have seen that the vehicle of transnational enterprises as an elite of global corporations that would make everything everywhere and would sell it to everybody.

The everything-everywhere-everybody view of the transnational corporation and the integration that it would bring to the world economy has created a world with out borders.It means borders between nation states are irrelevant..The most important engine of change was the burgeoning capabilities of information technology. The ongoing improvement in the price and performance of the suite of digital technologies - computing, communications, and other information processing - unraveled this integrated.

The territorial structures and compartments which have, for the past few hundred years, formed a basic component of the state system are experiencing structural change (Agnew, 1994; Murphy, 1996). The impact of globalisation and the changing nature of the world political order have raised major questions concerning the role of the nation s Notions of a “borderless world” and political “deterritorialization” are seen as signalling a new world order in which the territorial component in world affairs is of much reduced significance. state and the way in which territory continues to define the spatial extent of sovereignty.

Prepared by Biju P R,Assistant Professor in Poltical Sceince,Govt Brennen College,Thalassery

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