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Hi, my name is Biju P R. I am a writer, teacher and academic blogger. Anything that comes through society and technology interest me. My blog posts here define what am I doing here. Please just check it out.

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Selfie Sex

A Narrative Nonfiction by Biju P R

This personal journey into India's 'sexscape' on Internet explores, but is not necessarily confined only to two key aspects: 'Pornification' and 'Internetisation', both neologisms used in the volume.





Author’s Note                                   


1. Internet Sexuals 

2. Peep Show Booths 

3. Pornified Sexuality 

4. Cyber Khajurahos 

5. Social Porn 

6. Politics of Indian Sexuality 

7. Politics of Cyber Sex        

8. Porn Industry          

9. Sex Life Scripted by Porn Sex             

10. Paedophilia on Cyber Space 

11. Censoring Pornography

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