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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Two-Day UGC National Seminar on 17-18 December 2014

Two-Day National Seminar

Identity Politics: Power and Protest from the Margins
17-18 December 2014
Sponsored by UGC
Organised by Department of Political Science
Government Brennen College,
Re-accredited by NAAC with “A” Grade
Affiliated to Kannur University Kerala, India.

Greetings from Thalassery!

Dear Sir/Madam/Friends/Students

We would like to invite your esteemed presence in the impending national seminar on “
Identity politics: Power and protest from the margins”, Two Day National Seminar on 17-18 December 2014, organised by Department of Political Science, Government Brennen College, Thalassery, Kannur, Kerala, India. The seminar is sponsored by University Grants Commission.

Proceedings of the seminar will be published with ISBN and final decision on the publication is the discretion of the organizer. The details of seminar topic and the theme are available on the link given below.

TA and Remuneration will be provided as per UGC norms to Resource persons, Invited lectures and chairs (National). Local hospitality will be provided.

Paper presenters will be provided TA. Accommodation will be provided if requested and will on twin sharing basis.

Interested teaching faculties can also participate.

Please, if interested, do reply to our email, blog post or Facebook update.

Last date for submission of abstract- 10 October 2014

Last date for submission of full paper- 05 December 2014

Concept Note

Politics of identity, and both the culture and identity in practice and theory demands attempts to counter the cultural stereotypes, prejudices and oppressions as part of their campaign for recognition, politics of presence, rights and equality.  The focus on identity in this specifically political sense is associated with a range of distinctive strategies and tactics designed to transform the consciousness of both oppressed and oppressor and to empower the movement constituency. Illegal seizures of land, which threaten to forcibly, displace as many as 22,000 people in India’s eastern state of Odisha was one such protest symptom. In India, 16 December 2012 and a ‘Nirbhaya’ movement, India against Corruption, Manesar factory, Koodamkulam, Nandigram, Singur, Nirbhaya, NBA, Koodamkulam, Aam Aadmisiation just to mention few among them, makes a larger claim on such movement constituency. From social science perspectives, identity and politics are unique in India. It tells us something of interest about contemporary Indian politics also. Fighting against oppression is an urgent issue in Indian society today and at one level, it has a social route where issues such as misogyny, caste related violence, human rights violations, and rape has become mobilising force. On the other, economic issues such as poverty, corruption, class questions, and access to education, and many, in deed, reached appalling levels. Protest culture, thereby seems extremely prevalent in India now. However, it does not attract much public attention. The Internet, television channels, newspapers, town squares, do represent the most emblematic symptoms of this protest culture in India, but do not get proper attention it deserved.

The seminar on Identity politics: Power and protest from the margins is going to understand the horizons of identity politics in India. Your presence is therefore cordially invited to the two-day long deliberation on this topic.

Seminar themes

1. Politics society interface: Discourses
2. Politics of identity: women, caste and religion  
3. Politics of survival: Peace, environment and green movements
4. Globalisation, market and new politics of exploitation
5. The politics of new social movements

With kindest regards

Biju P R
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Political Science
Govt. Brennen College

How to Reach the College

The college is situated on the NH 17; 5 KM away from Thalassery Railway Station; roughly 60 KM away from Calicut Airport; and 167 KM away from Mangalore Airport.

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