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I am author of the books Political Internet(Routledge, 2017), Intimate Speakers ( Fingerprint! 2017), has finished the typescript of three books—first, on Internet and sexuality; second, on the negative impacts of social media; and third, a novel—and is presently working on a narrative non-fiction with the working title Lovescape: Why India is afraid of love.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Political power of social media is a myth- II

Political power of social media is a myth- II

Traditional form of public spheres developed bodily in face-to-face meetings in coffee houses, saloons, co-operative societies,  cafes, town squares, media, letters, books, drama, and art forms are seemingly different in social media age. Political public is not open to all in digital media deliberations, since "winner-take-it-all" pattern reflect Internet. See my fringe thoughts on how political deliberations are mediated in Internet in Merinews by Biju P R (Part-II).

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