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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Importance of social sciences, Global.

We live in a rapidly changing world with unsystematic human behavior.
Government and official pronouncements refer to the undoubted contributions made by the natural sciences, while failing to acknowledge the equally important contributions made by the arts, humanities and social sciences
Each day thousands of extraordinarily gifted economists, lawyers, historians, linguists, philosophers, critics, archaeologists, geographers, sociologists, anthropologists and psychologists, make important contributions to our shared public life.
We cannot tackle terrorism without a deep cultural understanding of the phenomenon all over the world we cannot slow climate change if we do not support work on how people change their behaviour.
We cannot make medical and scientific advances without analysing their human and ethical implications. The importance of social sciences, extend beyond the immediate needs of the economy, underpinning the culture of open and informed debate essential to any civilized, democratic society
We cannot solve troubles in Middle East, Iraq, Taliban, Al-Qaida, LTTE with out understanding the root causes of such societies, and that calls for global cooperation.
The confluence of crises - in climate, energy and economy - needs to be addressed immediately, intelligently and forcefully by integrated research that addresses the complexities we face.
Research in the arts, humanities and social sciences addresses major current social, cultural, ethical and economic challenges, including the impact of scientific and medical advances, the management of international relations, development and security, and the effects of globalisation and migration.

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