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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

One Day Seminar on “Anxieties of Indian Democracy” Schedule

One Day Seminar on “Anxieties of Indian Democracy

On February 15, 2013.

Organised by
Department of Political Science
Government Brennen College
Hindi Seminar Hall
8.30. a .m
9. a. m
Pre-inaugural Session-I
Manoj Kumar M B, Assistant Professor in Political Science,Government Brennen College

Theme papers

1. Indian Democracy, Ambedkarism and Marginalized Sections: A Retrospection

Satheesh Kumar P.K, Asst. Professor. In Political Science, Govt. College, Mokeri, Kozhikode
2. Negative Symptoms of Indian Democracy

Pramesh A, Assistant Professor in Political Science, Government Brennen College
10.30 .a .m

Inaugural Session II

Welcome                     : Biju P R,Assistant Professor in Political Science, GBC.

Presidential Address : Prof M Sarojini, Principal, GBC.   

Inaugural Address     : Dr.Musafar Asadi,
Professor, Department of Political Science, Mysore University.

Keynote Speech          : Dr.Rajaram Tholpadi,
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science,Mangalore University.

Felicitations               : K Balan, Associate Professor and HoD, Department of Malayalam, GBC.

                                    : Prashobith. K. P., HoD, Department of Physical Education, GBC.

: College Union Representative

Vote of Thanks           : Manoj Kumar, Assistant Professor in Political Science, GBC

12.45 -1.30.p m

Lunch Break

1.30 .p.m

Afternoon Session III

Dr.M. Ramakrishnan, Associate Professor, Dept. of Philiosophy. Government Brennen College

Theme papers

1. Democratization, Local Governments and Economic Development in Neo-Liberal Era: Issues and Challenges

Bishnu Prasad Mohapatra, Visiting Fellow, Centre for Economic and Social Studies, Hyderabad.

2. The Perspective and Analysis of Indian Politics and Corruption
Dr.Suresh Kumar T V,Maghesh Rajan M  and Jasimudeen S, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam .

3. Study on Irreconciliation between The Negotiation of People and State with Democracy in India, While Both Engage with Transnational Issues.
Muhmmed Sihabudheen K,Department of Political Science,University of Hyderabad

4. Antecedence of Democracy in Ancient India; defying the defiance of the west

Ajmal M A, Assistant Professor in History,M.A.M.O. College,Calicut

5. Where there is illiteracy the conditions for the success of a democratic set-up do not exist.

Dr. Jisha D Nair,Department of History,Payyannur College
4. p.m

Valedictory Function

Vote of Thanks

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