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Monday, November 5, 2012

Call for Paper:GLOBALISATION AND STATE IN INDIA, 20-11-2012, One Day National Seminar ,PG Dept. of Political Science,Government College Madappally,Vadakara,Kerala,India.


One Day Seminar on


Sponsored by Director of Collegiate education,
Government of Kerala

Seminar Hall Government College Madappally

Concept Note

Globalization is best understood on the background of economic, cultural, social and political changes that have shaped the world over the past fifty years. It is both a result and a force of modernization, resulting in the integration of local national and regional economic activity into a ‘global’ market place. This market place transcends geo-political borders and penetrates deep into political and social structures. Thus globalization engulfs willing and unwilling states in a global scale and exemption penalty is high in terms of political and economic costs. The liberalization, privatization, globalization trio are conceived as the pillars of neoliberal policies. The supporters of the new order focus on the economic freedom and market choices that may enhance individual and state opportunities in a wider platform. It is argued that globalization provides better avenues for interactions and exchanges that may positively influence the development of nations and individuals. 
On the other side many identify the economic freedom of the new social order as freedom of profit. In the context of globalised markets this freedom trusts in the theory of automated rationalism of allocation, which does not attend the individual values. The rich-poor gap is ever widening and instead of admitting it as a social issue economic models identify it as a stimulus for consumerism. The resultant greed culture is basically a violent impulse, which alters the mental and social construction of society.  To many on the other side of the globe, globalization may result in a hegemonic culture.
India embarked upon the policies of liberalization, privatization and globalization, mainly in the last two decades of the 20th century. Since then considerable changes have been taking place in almost every sphere of life such as economy, polity, education, culture and social relations. The boundary between state and market has been redrawn in tune with the forces of globalization. The governance structures were also reorganized to suite the global demands. There are both supporters and detractors of globalization in the country, having their distinctive reasons and logic. In this background the one day national seminar attempts to address  the following themes.

1,Globalisation in India –Conceptual frame work
2,Globalisation and economic reforms in India
3, Globalisation and civil society
4,Impacts of Globalisation in Political structures
5,ICT and Globalisation

Who can participate in the Seminar

1.Resource Pearson

Resource person will be provided T A and DA as per government rules.

Teachers from Government and Private Aided Colleges in Kerala are eligible to participate in the seminar. Teachers selected for the programme are considered ‘on other duty’. Number of participants for the seminar is limited between 20-40.

How to Reach the College
TheGovernment College Madappally is located on NH-17 Talassery –Vadakara route.Thecollege is almost 5 K M away from Vadakara Railway station,60 K M away fromCalicut Airport, almost 175 K M away from Mangalore Airport.

Publication of Proceedings

The selected papers will be published with ISBN number.  The publication will be done by a screening Committee.

Last date for submission of abstracts 

(200 words) - 12 November 2012. Mail abstracts to savempeny@gmail.com.

TA and DA will be provided as per Government regulation (Subject to fund availability).

Last date for submission of full paper - 17 November 2012

For details, contact: 

Sabu Thomas
HoD $ Seminar Co-ordinator
PG Department of Political Science,
PG Department of Political Science

Vadakara, Calicut
Kerala, Mob-9447113183

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