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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Call for Papers:National Seminar on "Media and Politics"Dept. of Political Science ,Govt. Brennen College,29 Feruary 2012

National Seminar

Department of Political Science

Government Brennen College,Thalassery

Media and Politics

Department Political Science Government Brennen College is planning to organise One Day National Seminar programme on “Media and Politics”. The Government of Kerala has sanctioned fund for the programme .The seminar is likely to be organized 29 February 2012.

The philosophy that gives shape to the understanding of the process of political discourse in India is grounded in the notion of a "marketplace of ideas" in which free expression of ideas, even repugnant ones, is presumed to lead to a consensus of the majority and an expression of the will of the people. There are very few, however, who would argue that Indian political discourse actually consists of a free and open exchange of ideas, and blame is placed in a variety of corners. Critics on the right accuse the mass media of possessing an inherent "liberal bias" while those on the left argue that the economic domination of mass media by large corporations systematically eliminates views incompatible with the interests of those corporations, the wealthy, and entrenched political interest groups. Other critical perspectives exist as well — but the point that may be taken from many of them is the centrality of the mass media to the practice of politics, and the importance of understanding how media and political institutions interact in order to realize how political discourse — the debates around social goals, priorities, and policies is enacted.

(2) Aims/ Objectives

As the topic is relatively an explorative area of study,not much programmes have been found being organized in the realm of political studies.The area is found to be professional and in vogue in western academic world. Political process has undergone dramatic shifts in recent years with the coming in of mass media platforms like TV and internet. Mass Media have made phantom changes in the way people think and act on political life.Television,print media ,internet enabled platforms etc are recent technological advancement, ofcourse ,have some political ramification. But media being recent theoretical advancements in political theory, little awareness has been created among academia and students community. The seminar, if exposed to teachers would be of immense help for improvement of both the discipline as well as to the proficiency of teachers.

The seminar has the following objectives. Several major questions are addressed. First, what is the nature of news in our society? How do our beliefs and political orientations influence how we respond to the media? What are the consequences of political advertising for election outcomes? Finally, how do political ads compare to the “traditional” mass media when it comes to citizen decision-making? Through addressing such questions, the issue of whether the media – and political ads – provide citizens the information necessary to participate fully in democratic politics is evaluated.

Learning Objectives

1.To help learn how social scientists ask and answer interesting questions about Politics.

2.To help understand how the interaction among journalists, politicians, and citizens shapes contemporary politics

3.To understand how political advertising affects individuals’ decision making as well as the rules regulating such advertising

4.To help understand the development of the mass media and its role in Politics.

5.To understand how spin-doctors hijack public opinion and distort political news

6.To help become a savvy consumer of political news beyond the academic world.

(4)Details of Sessions:

Seminar Themes

1. Media and Democracy

2. Election and Media
3. Media,Public Opinion, Propaganda and Agenda Setting

4.Media and Social Capital: Soft News,Infotainment ,Culture Industry

Resource Pearson

Resource person will be provided T A at the rate applicable to class I officers as per State Government norms.Resource person will be provided remuneration @500/- per person per session of not less than 2 hours duration.


Teachers from Government and Private Aided Colleges in Kerala are eligible to participate in the seminar.Teachers selected for the programme are considered ‘on other duty’.Number of participants for the seminar is limited between 20-40.

T A and D A to Participants.

Outstation participants are eligible for TA and DA at the Government specified rate.

How to Reach the College

The college is situated on the NH 17 which is 5 KM away from Thalassery Railway Station, 60 KM away from Calicut Airport,167 KM away from Mangalore Airport.

For Contact

Biju P R, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science ,Government Brennen College, Thalassery, Kannur ,Kerala. 670 106 ,Mobile:9847477116,Email:bijugayu@gmail.com

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