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Monday, October 3, 2011


With greetings
Politics and Social Media: Commons in the Space Online.
UGC sponsored Three Day National Seminar on 12, 13 and 14 October, 2011.
Department of Political Science
Government Brennen College

Style Sheet
The papers presented  in the UGC sponsored National  Seminar on:" Politics and Social Media :Commons in the Space Online" organised by Dept.of Political Science ,Govt Brennen College,October 12-14 will be published,preferably with ISBN number.
We are not able to publish all papers.We will screen the papers submitted.
We hereby request the ,resource persons ,delegates and paper presenters to submit the papers to the organizing committee on or before October 14,2011.It is convenient for us if you prepare the paper in the following style sheet of our publication.
A brief biodata should be attached which contains designation, area of specialization etc.
The paper should be submitted only in M S Office.

Article                         -10 pages,including  notes,abstract and reference.
Abstract                      -150 words abstract
Font                             -Times New Roman
Font Size                     -12 font size
Line Space                  -1.5 line space
Alignment                   -“Justify” for paper content
For notes                     -set the alignment as "left".
For Reference             - set the alignment as "left".
For Reference             -Set reference in 11 font size,
Use endnotes rather than footnotes
How to put reference  - All works cited in the text (including sources for tables and figures-we recommend preferably avoid tables and figure as far as possible) should be listed alphabetically under References, on a separate sheet of paper.
                                    Author can cite reference either in (Number) or as (Author-Last Name Comes First,Year,P.No)
1.      Books        -Author-Last Name First,Year,Title,Place of Publication,Publisher,Page  Number if required.
2.      For article -Author,Title in italics,Journal or Magazine in Bold text,
3.      For             -Internet resources      always indicate the date that the source was accessed, as online resources are frequently updated or removed.

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