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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New PhD norms in Karnataka state universities:How teacher Scholars can attend the course work ?

New PhD norms in Karnataka state universities.

It is very sad to know the news as it will make troubles to those teacher scholars who apply for part-time research in Universities in Karnataka.Teacher scholars join for part-time Ph D by an undertaking in writing to the concerned governmnt thatpart-time Ph D programme in no way affect the work load and any additional financial burden to exchequer,but how do the teacher scholars can attend the six month course work.

Moreover teachers can apply for FIP programme under UGC norms only after registering for Ph D in a University.

But the present Ph D norms insist that registration begins with course work...it is after all anti research and anti-academic decision.It will not do any good to research and quality improvement in higher education scenario.

The Karnataka state council for higher education should immediately find a solution ...?what is the way out ?

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